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these are some amazing photos ... I love the photo of all the people hanging out in the stilt house !

david kleinert

Hi Sydney - love the choice of B&W with these images. Very interesting structures indeed...full of character :)


i love the 3rd pic... nice looking house, and seems like friendly people... :)


I miss this scenery. Lovely choice of mono tones.


This is a great series, good thing you used monochrome piccs here. I've been to this places in Laguna Lake as well and you captured the life here beautifully


The third photo is beautifulst.


Each shot tells a story. Excellent !!!


Really nice photos Sidney; it looks nostalgic 'cause it's in black and white.

But I was just wondering though, what does inside of their house look like?

It would be an adventure if I could visit their residences.


Toxic Lens

I think black and white was a good idea for these photos. Color would be a distraction.


I4m surprised by these people are always smiling. they seem very happy in their daily life.
Does the religion help them to bear their hard life?


it is hard to live in this houses

great shots


My, that is quite a bit of fish.
I like fish. Will we get to see any in this series?
This is a strange world to me.
Must travel some more.


In your shots there is often a great contrast between poverty, and difficult life and a kind of smiling presence of all the people...


the government should take over half of this industry and feed the people. as far as i know, these are owned (leased) by just a few people.


cette-la maison, où est la salle de bain ou il n'y a pas la salle de bain?


kinda interesting above the water...i like the last shot- great perspective!!!


Just think Sidney, if you got a dollar (sorry don't know philippine currency) for every smile you elicited, you would be rich, but more importantly you could gather them together and finding a tipping point to a better world

Otto K.

Great shots. I really like your toning choices for this series.


I have to say that if life was simple and these people had a better means of waste disposal, yes, I would love to have this kind of life (minus the diseases). They look very happy. I would love to paint houses like these, perhaps how people work in these area. It would be colorful and quite dramatic.

Now here's the practical question. Where do they get their drinking and cooking water supply?

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